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Lae International Hospital


Lae International Hospital (LIH) is a fully licensed, privately funded, International Hospital that
was founded in October 2009 and is located at Marsina St, Lae.


Medical excellence and leadership to deliver quality health care to the people of Lae, Momase,
Highlands and New Guinea Islands region.

For optimal patient health outcomes, patients need to receive the right care at the
right time and in the right place, LIH aims to provide this to every patients that visits the hospital.

Right care is services that bring appropriate resources and skills for the
management of the patient’s specific health needs.

Right time is having access to services in a timeframe that will minimise
adverse physiological consequences and potential complications.

Right place is a health facility that has the capability to provide the services
required to meet patient’s health needs.

LIH is a fully accredited hospital approved by the Australian Government Immigration
and Border Protection authorities, to carry out all medical requirements in
connection with all visa applications for Australia.


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