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Montina Limited


Montina Limited is a privately owned company and operates out of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The business concentrates on the retail & wholesale sector and offers an extensive range of stocked products for a number of manufacturers who specialise in providing to the building and construction industries.

The business offers an extensive range of stocked products concentrating in ceramic and porcelain tiles, adhesives, waterproofing, tiling tools and accessories, cement render, suspended ceiling and steel stud systems, plasterboard, ceiling tiles, carpet tiles, vinyl tiles, etc.

The management has a wealth of experience in applied finishes within the building industry and has operated in the country for over 17 years. Through this experience the manager has extensive product knowledge and technical expertise within the building industry and has seen the changes over the years in product specifications. In the course of his time within the country he works closely with Industry professionals, Architects, Engineers, Builders, Interior Decorators, etc.

Our emphasis in on the latest quality products that lead with innovation and we provide competitive pricing and exclusive relationships with some of the largest leading industry manufacturers in the world. We manage a project’s requirements with attention to detail, from providing architects with recommended product specifications, to supplying and sourcing products globally for the project managers and application methods to contractors.

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