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Regional Engineering & Construction (REC) is a 100% nationally owned company. It was incorporated and registered on the 19th September 2001 with the Registrar of Companies, under the Companies Act 1997, and registered as CN: 1-43905.

The company caters for medium to large sized projects for both the public and private sectors, non-government organisations, churches, schools and others that involved in expansion. It aims to cover all of Momase, Highlands, Southern and Island regions of Papua New Guinea in near future.


REC caters for small to medium sized businesses, non-government organizations (NGOs), church groups and others alike involved in expansion. Together with our clients the aim is to provide sustainable employment to skilled and semi-skilled for the labour intensive areas of the building and construction industry. Our objective is to keep the average person, equipped with the necessary skill through years of experience or a recent graduate occupied in an attempt to keep the socio-economical scale balanced by building Papua New Guinea together.


REC promotes pro-active work ethics to ensure workers are careful in the environment they serve in. This includes house rules to maintain a safe and free working zone, respect for personal safety and to those around them.

Our professional approach and the use of skilled Papua New Guinean labour are considered our valuable assert. We therefore maintain the theme of ‘quality of service’ and future project proposals tendered by REC to be considered on merit.

As the company name clearly indicates, REC also has a long term aspiration to expand beyond the construction specialty into Road Construction and Earthworks, Plant Hire Services as well as Real Estate and other related consultancy services.

For over 11 years since its establishment in 2001, REC has grown and is pleased to be part of the players within the building industry.

Above all REC believes in equal opportunity and honesty in dealing with our clients. Our clients are encouraged to offer their opinions and discuss their needs during the operation and or construction of projects. REC welcomes comments; criticism and recommendations to ensure all parties concerned are satisfied with the end product.


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