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Corps Security is committed to providing a service which is strongly supported through good management principles, a customer service ethic and above all, the right management team to deliver these ideals. Our clients expects that their security solution is fully supported on a 24 hour, 365 days a year basis.

All Corps Security management team are committed to being contactable at all times. Corps Security Operational (Contract) Managers are amongst the most professional and dedicated in PNG and afford our clients a contact point for day to day requirements.

Corps Security has been ISO accredited (ISO 9001:2008) since 2005. To the best of our knowledge, Corps Security is the only security provider in PNG which has gained and maintained this accreditation. For our clients, this means that they are confident of receiving a quality service and product. Corps Security personnel are clear on their expectations and responsibilities. All functions are documented and our systems and processes are externally audited to ensure there is consistency with deliverables.

Our clients are our business! Corps Security strives to forge the strongest of relationships with our clients to the benefit of all parties. This is a collaborative approach, working towards an arrangement which best provides for the requirements of our clients.
With many of our clients, KPI’s have been put in place in consultation which ensures all parties that the service levels required are being implemented appropriately. Further to this, the Contract Managers carry out “Customer Service Evaluations” with the client so any shortfalls are identified in good time and addressed.

Corps Security management are always seeking new developments, products and services to further enhance security provisions for current and potential clients. This is both within PNG and internationally. Recent developments in areas such as vehicle/personal tracking, digital radio systems and non-lethal incapacitation are such areas which have become viable in recent times.


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