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UMW Niugini Limited


UMW is founded on the power of machinery to create and innovate. We supply the high-quality, heavy-duty equipment and machinery that is supporting industries to thrive in Papua New Guinea.

UMW is a leading industrial enterprise with diverse and global interests in the automotive, equipment, manufacturing and engineering, and oil and gas industries. The UMW Group has expanded beyond Malaysian shores; we now also have an international presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Taiwan, China, India, Oman and Turkmenistan.

United Motor Works was founded in 1917 as a small bicycle repair shop in Singapore but now employs more than 13,000 people worldwide. For more information visit the UMW Group website.

In PNG we employ 250 staff and have been partnering with large corporations across the country since 1993. We have the industry expertise and local knowledge of the region to ensure that the best equipment is supplied, with a guaranteed delivery to offer a competitive edge.

Our strategic alliances with the world’s most respected global brands have helped position UMW as a world leader in our core areas of business:

We distribute heavy-duty industrial equipment, spare parts and power generators.

Manufacturing and engineering
We supply trusted-brand, original manufacturer components as well as replacement automotive parts.

Oil and gas
We supply components and equipment for the oil and gas industry, including offshore drilling and oilfield services.

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